Best Beef Jerky Adair Village Oregon Brands and Reviews

We have all grabbed a bag of beef jerky at grocery stores and gas stations. It could have been in Adair Village Oregon as a quick snack to eat or while we’re were on a road trip.

organic and top rated brands

But my guess is that because you’re looking online, you want something a lot more interesting.

Some people have called me the man who’s eaten the most meat on planet Earth. Well, that’s what I started calling myself lately but who am I to judge?

Aside from my lame jokes, I’d actually like to share a few things with you about this interesting dried meat that I’ve learned in eating a lot of it.

Why There’s More Beef Jerky and Dried Meat Online Than In Adair Village

It turns out that each week, there are new artisan makers popping up from around the United States. Guys in their garages, a van down by the river, barns, a cabin in the woods, or their Mom’s basement. And boy, the ones I’ve talked to have a massive passion for making the stuff!

These makers are usually unknown to many of us. In fact, I believe there’s a world you aren’t even aware of yet. So welcome to the underground. [enter Brad Pitt] Welcome to fight club.

But in all seriousness, I’ve tried dozens of beef jerky brands and nothing compares to gourmet biltong. Or a sweet and sultry pork dried to perfection. Then, don’t get me started on bacon.

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If these flavors are news to you right now, then you’ll want to hang with this veteran while I show you what life has been like since I stopped eating just the stuff I could find locally.

I Was Able To Find More Variety Online – Yes, I’m Talking to My Paleo Cavemen (And Cave-women) Friends

There are actually many different meats available now if you look around online. I’ll share my favorite places to find good deals on single bags and bulk, but here are the meats I know have been jerkitized so far: beef, turkey, deer, pork, venison, kangaroo (yes and it’s about time), goose, bison, tofu, salmon and all other sorts of fish. There’s also a good chance that I haven’t uncovered them all, so don’t be surprised if you find more in your travels.

I haven’t always known about these other types. If you would have told me about jerkifying kangaroo meat a year ago, then I would have slapped you in the face.

I found out about a lot of these when I signed up to a jerky of the month club. That’s when I started receiving all kinds of new meats and flavors I hadn’t tried before.

Then, once my appetite was whet for more, I started looking around at stores online. I had tried the local butchers, but I wasn’t too satisfied with their flavors. I mean, there’s teriyaki, then there’s teriyaki. Not enough adventure for me or my dogs.

Where I Found New Brands & Types of Meat

One place to look is at this page Top 28 Jerkys on Amazon. That’s where I usually start if I’m looking for something new. Then there are all other types of websites which are selling this stuff nowadays. I could swear just last year I heard about a new maker coming from a KickStarter campaign too.