We love jerky!

We love it so much that we decided to create JerkyOnly to start sharing our favorite brands and flavors with our friends and people who come across our website.

In our travels, it turns out that most people really haven’t lived when it comes to eating jerky. Although there are likely hundreds of new startups making the stuff each year (many of which get traction and stick around), it’s just not very easy to find new makers.

The reason is simple. Small batch makers and even large meat processing operations aren’t very good with spreading the word. Especially spreading the word in the right places.

No. This community isn’t just something we came up with overnight. Rather, we’ve had a pestering thorn in our side for quite awhile because we would love to see what happens when good jerky finds its way to people who love the stuff as much as we do.

This is going to be an interesting and exciting journey as our community grows here at JerkyOnly and we can’t wait to share everything that unfolds.

“Jerky… Only… All other snacks can go suck it.”