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Welcome to JerkyOnly. Where other snacks can go suck it and where we only care about the only snack that matters – jerky.

Vegans and vegetarians should stop at the door, because we’re about to get carnivorous up in here.

Why picking out jerky is now like shopping for wine

It used to be that only winos had the adventure from a gazillion different flavors and subtleties when they wanted to get their drink on. Heck, just take a walk down any wine aisle and you’ll agree that there’s too many people making and drinking the stuff.

Nonetheless, much like the wine industry where there is an abundance of choices, the jerky industry is a boomin these days.

Jerky makers, large and small are popping up everywhere.

In 2013, Lawless jerky took the world by storm and raised more than enough funding on KickStarter to make a name for themselves. Since then, they’ve spread their flavors across and have amassed a growing list of Lawless addicted fans.

Jerky is clearly going in a new direction.

It used to be the only choices we had available were the boring old teriyaki, pepper, original and other unexciting flavors cooked up for mass consumption. But now there’s companies pioneering new flavors such as the hugely popular brand called Krave.

Dig deeper and you’ll find much more than beef on the average jerky makers plate. That’s right! Exotic animals are running for their lives because new meats are catching on. Say hello to kangaroo, python, salmon and many other exotic meats that have been jerkitized and packaged up for you and I to order and eat.